Hi to All,

It has been a while since I have been on here to talk to everyone. But, I am back and ready to share pictures of our new gourds.

We had a good crop this year, but it rained so much it took Mama and the Nice people helping her get them out of the fields a long time.  Everything would bog down in the mud. That is the reason the gourds were so late this year. But, when they started bring the gourds out of the fields, boy was it a lot of gourds. Just about all sizes, kinds and shapes to choose from.

Hi to all of my gourd friends!!

It has been a hot summer and still have August to go. But, my Mama has let me stay in the house while she has been out working with the gourds. I was keeping cool. 

I would go out some with her, but I would give her my sad eye look and she would let me stay in the truck with the AC on. Now that is a good Mama. I love her too.

Would you believe she has got two goats, yes I said two goats. They are pretty cute, but I am not going to let her know that. Their names are Biscuit and Gravy both girls. We have been building things for them to play on and she even got them a trampoline to jump on. Now that is going a little bit to far. They like it so I guess it is OK.  

I will go out and watch them sometimes and play with them. When the gnats start bothering me I will go back in the house.

I just wanted to check in and tell all Hi. We have sold out of gourds for now, but prayer fully we will have a good crop to harvest. We are closed now, but should reopen around late February 2020. I will let you know when we have gourds dried and ready to sale.

Blessings to all and enjoy the rest of 2019,

Cricket                  August 3, 2019

Hi Everyone,

I can not believe it has been this long since I have talked to you. We have just been as busy as we can be working with the gourds. 

These are the students from Sandersville Middle School art class. They enjoyed looking at the gourds and picked out some for art projects. 

They sent me some pictures of the projects and I have shared a picture with you. I think they did a great job.

Each year a new group will come to the Farm. We really enjoy having them come and look at all the gourds.

Have a Blessed day,



Hi Everyone,

     Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know, it should not be to long before we start harvesting the new gourds. I sure do hope they make a lot for my Mom. We have not had much rain so we don't really know how they are going to do. But, we did our best, worked real hard and that is all that counts. We walked in the field and a lot of them have dried, but it still is a good many of green ones. I sure hope they dry out before it freezes.

     How do you like the new wood work of Georgia that a real good friend of my Grandma's made for her. His name is Lawrence Wood. A friend of his helped him with the painting of the gourds on it. It is a beautiful piece of work. The G stands for Georgia and also for Gourds.  He is clever to do that.

     He should have put a C on it for Cricket!! That would be for Me.. My Grandma said she had to find a very special place to hang it.

     Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and then Christmas. I am wishing everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season. Don't eat to much for Thanksgiving and have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas. Don't forget Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!!

Drop by the farm to see us when you can. We will be happy to see you.

     Your Gourd friend,  


 November 11, 2016


Hi Everyone,

It is me again, Cricket. Just wanted to check in and let you all know what I have been up to.

We got all of our gourds brought in from the field, which took several tractor trailer loads. We sure had a lot of gourds. I road the tractor with my Mom. I have to help her with that. We all worked real hard to get the place fixed up and ready for the new gourds.

We now have metal Gourd Hangers to put gourds on for the bird houses. A nice man designed them and made them for us. I went with my Mom to get them. He did a great job, he designed them to come apart for easy transporting in your car if you don't have a truck. He sure was smart to do that. We put a picture on so you could see them.

Daisy and Bessie are doing well, they are out in the big pasture with the other cows now. Mom and I still check on them and they remember us.

That Darn Cat, Scooter Pie/Killer is growing and is still bad, but don't tell anyone I said it, but he is cute for a cat!!!

Drop by the farm when ever you can and pick you out some gourds.

Have a Great Day,


March 19, 2016

Hey Everyone, 

My Mom did a great job with Bessie, she is now back with her Mom and both are doing well. I sure am glad too, because I was getting tired of all the attention she was getting. I know her Mom, Daisy, was realsick and could not take care of her, so I had to share my Mom with her. Sure am glad Daisy is better.

We have so much to do with the gourds. We are completely redoing where we are putting the gourds. We took up all the old pallets and put down gravel and it looks real good. Now we don't have to worry about the pallets rotting and falling apart.I have a lot to do to help my Mom. Here is a few pictures of what we have done.

We have a lot of gourds and a large variety to choose from. We have a few more loads to bring in and will be finished. We have more this year than we did last year all the bins will be full and running over. I have been riding the tractor and helping my Mom. Mostly just keeping her company.  

After all the work we did now look what they have me doing baby sitting a darn cat. My Grandma had a kitten come to her house and it was sick and could not walk. So Grandma took it in, took it to the Vet and took care of it and now he is doing well. His name is Scooter, my Mom calls him Scooter Pie. They should have named him Killer, he is one bad DUDE. He thinks biting and scratching is a form of  playing. The Vet said Scooter was between 6 and 8 weeks old, so I will give him a chance to calm down and then if he don't I will have to help teach him how to...

As long as he leaves me a lone we do OK together. He thinks he owns the place around here. My Grandma has him spoiled rotten. I really should not complain because she spoils me too.

So while everyone is outside working in the gourds, I am baby sitting a Darn cat. Oh well, I have to do a lot of things, at least I don't have to work to hard. This is a good job for me sitting on the couch is not to bad. I just ignore Scooter and he will play and go to sleep.

Everyone come on by the farm and get ready to pick out your favorite gourds and you may get to see me and Scooter/Scooter Pie/Killer.

Have a great day,


February 22, 2016


   Hope everyone has had a very happy Summer. It sure has been hot here, but I guess it is suppose to be.

     Look what I have!! I have a little sister, her name is Bessie. I have to help my Mom feed her a bottle, give her fresh water, hay and feed. Her Mom got real sick so we are taking care of her until her Mom gets well, but we may just keep her to play with.  I am getting to like her OK, even if she is taking up some of my play time with Mom.

     The Summer has flown by and the Fall has almost gone, plus we have almost SOLD OUT of all of our gourds. We will not be shipping gourds out until our new harvest is ready. You are welcome to come by the farm and get some of the few that is left if you can.

We are planning to take advantage of this time to rearrange where we keep the gourds and spruce up a little. We still have some mini gourds, Bananas, Bottles, Eggs, TN spinners, Rounds, mini Martins and just mini gourds that have no name, we can ship or come on by and pick them up.

     We hope to get all of the new gourds in and ready to start selling in February or early March, you know how it is just depends on the weather. So keep checking with us to find out.

We thank all of our customers for your business and hope to hear from you soon.

Your Gourd Friend,


October 27, 2015

Hey Everyone,

     Just wanted to check in and let you know, the gourd vines are growing. We have been checking on them, and they are doing real good. Need a good rain, but that will come. We put a picture for you to see how the gourds are growing.

     I have been riding the tractor with my Mom, we are getting ready to plant the peanuts, cotton and I don't know what else. I just ride and look for deer, rabbits and any thing else I can fine. Sometimes I just lay down and take me a little nap, it is tiring doing this all the time and keeping my Mom company.

     I put a couple of pictures of me riding with my Mom on the tractor,looking out the windshield going to the field and another one of me taking a little rest in my bed my Mom puts in the tractor of me. I have my head laying on something she mashes with her foot sometimes.  She is such a good Mom.

     I will be checking in later on and giving you another update on the gourds. Don't forget drop by the farm to see us when you can.

Your gourd friend,


May 7, 2015

Hey to all of my Gourd Friends,

     Just thought I would show you a couple of pictures of the new gourds that we planted. They are coming up real good. These two pictures were taken a week or so ago, so the gourds have really grown a lot more. 

     I want keep you from all of your chores, just wanted to drop in and give you a update on the new crop.

 Come to see us at the farm when you can.

 Your friend,


April 21, 2015

Hi to everyone on my way to see Grandma,

     Sorry it has been so long since I have updated my blog. I guess I have just been to lazy to do it.

     But, we have got the new gourds planted. This year we have planted 50 acres, I sure hope they get plenty of rain and grow into great looking gourds. Last year we didn't get the rain we needed when we needed it and didn't make as many gourds. This year we planted more trying to make up for that.

     I just had a Birthday Sunday, (3/29/15), I am three, time sure does fly. I will show you a picture of my birthday cake with candles,my Mom and Dad got for me. I am laying on my bed with it.

     I will also show you a picture of me in the gourd field we just finished planting. Yep, I still go to the field with my Mom. I am always with her, she really loves me a lot and I love her too.

     I will try and not stay away so long next time. Hope everyone has a great week and a very Blessed Easter.

Your friend,


April 1, 2015

Well, it is a cake just a toy one. I bet you all thought I had a real cake in the bed. April Fool...

That is a BIG field, hope we have a lot of good gourds. That is me right in the middle of the field. Bye everyone.

Hi to everyone,

     I am on my way with Mom to check out the gourds and I just wanted to let everyone see how the gourd vines are growing. We got three inches of rain yesterday and the vines looked as if they were just drinking up the water and had a happy smile on the leaves. They sure were thirsty.

     You can see in the bottom of the first picture the deer are liking the new tender leaves also. With all the green grass, they nibbled off eight vines last night. Oh well, guess they have to eat too.

     If you have a chance stop by the farm, we would love to see you.

Have a wonderful day,


May 16, 2014

We got rain and the vines really started to grow..
These are banana gourds. Hope we have a good crop this year.
The gourd vines are really growing, need some good soaking rain. These are egg gourds.

You see my dirty nose, well I was helping Mom and just got it a little dirty. Then I had to lay down and rest.

Hello Everyone,

     Will try to update everyone a little, we went on vacation in February to the races in Florida and stayed two weeks had a verygood time. I even wore my Bugs Gourd Farm bandana, everyone that saw it loved it.

     But, now it is time to get back to work. We have already planted the new gourd seed and got some rain on them. The seeds have just started to crack through the ground and you can see the little plants. Mom told me while I was helping her, not to run and step on them.  I am trying to be careful, but I still like to run in the dirt.

     We took a couple of pictures of the little tiny gourd plants, so you can see they are starting to grow. The pictures are two days apart see how much they grew. 

     Got to go and see what else I can do, may just take me a nap, it is raining and cool may just get my red blanket my Grand Ma made for me and cover up.

     Everyone have a good day and come on down to the farm and see us when you can.

Have a wonderful day and a very Blessed Easter,


April 18, 2014


 Hi to all,

Well, my Mom said we were going outside today and play in the snow, I didn't know what she was talking about..Snow..... what was that, so I grabbed my toy elephant and started out the back door and got to the edge of the steps and I came to a sudden stop, oh no... I have never seen anything that white except in my Dads cotton fields.

Mom said go on, you will like it and boy did I have fun, I ran and ran all over the yard. Mom told me not to get to close to the pond, I may slip in. I had such a good time, but that stuff was cold on my feet. If you were not careful you would slide, but it sure was fun.

 Look at all the snow on the gourds, hee hee, tickles me, that means we don't have to work in the gourds. But, we will soon have to start moving them to bring in more new ones. Oh well, that is OK, I don't mind helping my Mom, cause she is good to me. Plus she really lets me play..

 Now this is what I do after playing in the snow. I was cold. My Mom wrapped me up in my blanket my Grandma made for me.. It is nice and warm, I think I will take me a nap now.

Y'all stop by again, and if you get a chance come on by the farm and see us and pick out some gourds..

Have a great day,


January 29, 2014

Just dropping in to say hello. It has been a while since I have talked to everyone. We have been really busy working on the farm. I helped Mom cut corn, thrash peanuts and any thing else she wanted me to.. I rode in the combine and big tractor. Mom would take my bed and pillow so I could take a nap when I got tired. I always had my food, water and of course my treats.  My Mom is good to me.

How do you like my new bandana, a Special Friend Cheryl Walters,  made if for me. It says Bugs Gourd Farm on it. I love the red. That was so nice of her.

I got to go to another race in October, I had on a checkered bandana then for the race, it looked nice too. I may have a picture to show you of it. 

Mom found the picture to show you and also one where I was helping Mom pack, see I have a toy.

I will check in later on, when we are gathering the new gourds. That is going to be a BIG job.

Drop by to see us and pick out some gourds,


November 18, 2013



Well I am at it again, looking in the gourd field for more gourds. Guess what I found, more gourds. This time I found some Canteens, Martins, Dippers and Bottles. I didn't look any further, it got hot and I was ready to stop. Especially when I look up and saw all of the blooms that have not matured yet.  We sure are going to have a lot more..

Just wanted to keep you up dated on the gourd progress, and show you a few pictures of the gourds, will check in later.


June 25, 2013



I went to the gourd field today and look what I found.  Look how much the snake gourd has grown. Then I looked some more and found a bunch more of gourds. That rain really did help, can't wait until I see some big gourds.. I try to help Mom as much as I can.

I had a real good time, I also played in the mud so had to get a bath, but I love baths. I run and jump in the tub by myself.

Y'all come to see us at the farm when you can,


June 14, 2013


Just a note to update everyone about Bug's Gourd Farm. We got rain!!! Look how much the gourd vines have grown and started to bloom all over... Get a chance stop by.



We are on our way to check out the gourds in the field to see how they are doing.

It looks like we have some gourds on the vines. Mom is taking a few pictures to let everyone see them.

In the picture below is a Egg Gourd. The Egg gourds make great decorations for Easter. They look like real eggs to put in your Easter basket.

Just drop in any time and take a look at what is going on at Bug's Gourd Farm.

Have a good day,



In the picture below is a Round gourd, they will be small and make lovely Christmas ornaments. 

The picture below is a Snake gourd, this is my least favorite.. Don't like snakes or anything that looks like them, but some of our customers make great crafts out of them so we plant them and try to have something for everyone. 

We got four tenths of rain Firday night and look how the gourd vines are growing;  gourds love water so we need more rain and we are Thankful for what we did get.. 

 Hi everyone,

My Mom always said I was her little Angel and now we have the picture to prove it...You can see my Halo.  We are not going to say anything about the sun shinning through the window..

We went to check out the gourds today. We got .4 of rain and boy did they start to grow and so did the grass. Looks like my Mom is going to have to get to work. She just plowed them and now has to again. But, she want complain, we needed the rain and need more to.  She has to hurry up and do it cause the vines have started to run and can't plow them when they get very much bigger you will cut them off and then no new gourds... Our work is never done.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, come on by and see us sometime. We would love for you to see the new gourds.


May 19, 2013


Mom got me up to early this morning, I wanted to sleep some more, so I had to lay my head down on the console to rest a little more.. Mom said she wanted to go and look at the gourds before it got to hot. When we got to the gourd field I was surprised at how the gourds are growing. My Mom does a good job with the gourds and she is keeping the weeds out too.

I will check in with y'all again.

Come to see us at Bug's Gourd Farm,


You see I am wide awake now, I was excited to see all the big vines and they have started blooming too. Want be long before we have baby gourds. I bet I will pull one off of the vine and play with it. I will have to do it while Mom is not looking..But, that would be bad, oh well got to be bad some times...

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Holiday Weekend.




Take a look at our new crops they are coming up and growing.. Sure hope we have a big variety for everyone.

We need some rain on them and they will really grow.

Will check back in later,




Mom told me we had to go check on the gourds and see if any more had dried. I was not to thrilled about working, but I did want to ride. When we went to the field we found out it was a lot of gourds that had dried so we went back and got the jeep and trailer to put them in.

We went all over the field picking up dried gourds, my Mom works real hard, while I run and play most of the time.

Then after going over all the field we started out to unload the gourds and take a look at the next picture to see what happened. The picture can show you better than I can tell you.

YEP, we got stuck....I stayed in the Jeep and looked out.  I didn't want that mud on my feet. It was bad enough to have it all over the jeep, I sure didn't want to get it inside too. My Mom called Dad and he came with that Big Green Tractor and pulled us out and he didn't fuss either. Dad told Mom that was just a wet spot in the field. We have had so much rain.

We still have more gourds to get, but will wait untill it dries out more.

Come by the farm and see us when you can.


March 2013

 It looks like Mom is going to load the truck up, I am going to wait and see what she is going to do!

"I believe she is going to put more in the truck, I am going to act like I am ignoring her and maybe she will stop".  

Hi Everyone,

     As you can see Mom has me in the gourds trying to pick out some special ones.  But, that is OK she needs all the help she can get.

     I sure do miss my vacation, I know you have to work to go on vacation. So really can't complain to much.

     I have been having a good time since I have been back running in the gourd fields. Can you believe we have just got the new harvest on the pallets and now it is time to start getting the land ready for another crop.

     Time is really passing by fast. Do you know I will have a Birthday this month, March 29th I will be one year old.  Do you think I will have a Birthday party?



    I found the one Mom wanted and now I am fixing to go over and see if Grandpa will let me ride the golf cart with him. I usually can talk him into most anything.. 

     I told you I could talk him into letting me ride with him!!!! Really all I have to do is jump on, he always lets me ride.

     Grandpa just said it was time for me to go home. Oh well guess my ride is over with. That is OK I can ride the next time I come back. Grandpa loves me and I love him.  

     Thank you all for stopping by and visiting us.  I will check in again with you and in the mean time HAPPY GOURDING and come on out to the farm and I will help you pick out your gourds!!!


March 5, 2013


Good Morning,

I am still enjoying my vacation. I figured I would just lay on the bed for a while and enjoy this nice bed. It sure is good to be able to just relax for a while and not have to worry about watching over all the gourds. But, I know I have to get back sooner or later...I sure hope it is later..

Thanks for stopping by,


February 18, 2013 

MOM you said What,  we have to go home NOW!!! I guess the sooner came before the later. Well can't really complain, I have had a very good time and hope we do this again.

Take care everyone and will see you at Bug's Gourd Farm!!!



Good Morning Everyone,

Just thought I would let you know where I am. My Mom, Dad and I are at Eastbay Raceway in Tampa FL. Yep, that is right I am with them also.

After all the hard work of getting the new gourd harvest out of the fields and on pallets, we decided to take us a little vacation. Mom and Dad love racing so we came.  

Just because I am here, having a good time, does not mean Bug's Gourd Farm is Closed, we are still open so come on by and pick out all the gourds you want..

I sure hope Mom got my good side in this picture, she needed to get a closer shot of me, but I know she will be taking more.

Thanks for stopping by,


February 12, 2013

Hi again,

I told you Mom was going to take more pictures. How do you like me sitting on the pier?

Mom told me to sit and I better not jump in that water. Mom knows I love water, she will tell me it is time for a bath and I run and beat her to the tub and jump in and wait until she gets there to put water in it,  love that water. 

We have to get ready and go to the races, so have to go, maybe she will take me back to the beach tomorrow and let me run and stick my paw in the water. I could get used to this vacation stuff.



February 12,2013

Here I am sitting on this nice green grass with all the water behind me..Looks real cool and ready for me to jump in, but I know better, Mom is looking, so better not..


     The Bug's Gourd Farm has the new harvest on the pallets and ready for sale. Come and visit the farm and pick out what you want, and enjoy looking at all the gourds. We have a great selection to choose from.

Thanks for visiting!!

February 10, 2013



 A large variety of Martins and many sizes and shapes to choose from.

A great selection of Apple gourds. many sizes to choose from.  We have many that are rather large this year. 

Great selection of sizes and shapes, Watermelon gourds! 

Cannon Ball gourds, almost perfect round.  

Bottle Gourds, vareity of sizes and shapes and a great selection to choose from.. 

Warty Gourds, a variety of sizes and shapes. 




and me



Just a note to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. My Mom and I have big plans for the coming year with our gourds.

Do you think any of these packages under this tree is for me. I may just have to take a peek into one of the boxes. My Mom told me not to touch them, but I don't do what she tells me all the time and she will tell me that is BAD. I guess I better do what she tells me this time or I may not get nothing for Christmas. This is my first Christmas and I am excited to learn all about it. Mom tells me,  Christmas is not just about presents, it is Jesus' Birthday so I have to learn all about that my Mom is so good to me.

Hope everyone has a Happy and safe Christmas and New Year, so you can come and see me at Bug's Gourd Farm.

Thanks for dropping in,






Mom and I are on our way to the gourd fields just to look and see how long it will be before we can start clipping the gourds....

Did you notice, Mom is riding on the right side of the road and not in the  middle like she did before. I do love to ride with her, and guess what, I ride the combine too, she helps my Dad cut soybeans...She can do a lot of things, my Mom is smart and she is trying to teach me, but I do love to play...


See I told you, I ride the combine, I am watching Mom move the truck out of the way, then she will come back and we will go inside and crank this big thing up and start cutting the soy beans..

Everyone have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving,

Thanks for stopping by,


November 21, 2012 

 Hi to everyone,

Just look at all of these gourds, it seems like somebody has a lot of work to do...

I thought I had found a lot of gourds in the field whem Mom and I road the four wheeler to the gourd field, but after the leaves are gone it is a bunch more than I thought it was, and all kinds, shapes and sizes.. The Bushel gourd is over 45" around, it is going to be a nice big one..I just hope they all dry and cure out for Mom.

Makes me tired to just look at them.

Thanks for stoping by,


Bug's Gourd Farm

October 28,2012

Mom and I are on the way to the gourd field to check on the new gourds. "I bet you thought I was driving this four wheeler by myself" No, Mom is right behind me, you just can't see her. I love to ride with her but, she needs to get out of the middle of the road!!

From the looks of the bottle gourds we found, looks like we are going to have a good harvest this year. I am hunting more gourds..

Thanks for dropping by, come back anytime,


Bug's Gourd Farm

October 1, 2012


This summer is flying right on by, and in the last couple of weeks we have got several inches of rain, and the gourds are loving it. They are really growing.

Some of the vines are begining to die and we have a few gourds that are begining to dry. It want be to long before we will have to start clipping each gourd so they all will dry. We should have a great crop of gourds this year with several new varieties to choose from..

Take a look at some of the pictures and see how well they are doing.

Thanks for stopping by,

Bug's Gourd Farm 

August 25, 2012

Recent Posts

It is a big difference in  a short time. The vines have just started turning in the top pictures and the bottom ones are almost completely dead and a few of the gourds are turning too..  They are begining to dry, it will not be long to havrvest them.