Hi to everyone,

     My name is Miss Cricket, I am Bugs little Sister.  I wish I could have known her, but that is OK my Mom has told me all about her and what a great job she did helping her with the gourds, and keeping her safe. 

     Mom is trying to teach me what to do so I can help also, but right now I had rather just play.  Those big old vines are bigger than I am.  I will be a big Girl one day..  I have some big Paw prints to fill if I learn half as much as my Big Sister knew.

     Just wanted to introduce myself to all of Bug's Gourd Farm Fans, I will be seeing you so drop in any time and thanks for stopping by. 

     In the mean time happy Crafting,






Just trying to learn how to do this gourd thing...My Big Sister (The Bug), was real good at it, but I am just learning. I had rather play but, got to help my Mom... 

I am trying to find a certain gourd...Hey I found it, now I have got to carry it to another pile.. 

I had to stop and take a water break, this work stuff is tiring... especially when I have to stop and chase crawly things and leaves...

 "Come on Mom, Lets ride, I am tired"!

Thank Goodness, we are fixing to go home.. I am tired, I have to go home and play.  Crank this truck up and, Lets Ride!!! 

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and come back again,


Just look what I have found...Mom and I went for a gourd hunt this morning and we sure found some...I looked under the leaves and everything else and there they were... 

See I told you, I was going to be a good Gourd Dog and I found them!!! My Mom sure was proud of Me.. See ya'll later