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Got to rest a minute, had to help with the gourd harvesting!! 

Look at all the gourds we have gathered!! 

 We have gourds growing on gourds!! Just look at this big vine growing over the harvested gourds on the pallets!! One good thing about this, we want have to carry the gourds far!!

Hey, I found the truck!!! 

 I have been working so hard, my tongue is hanging out!!

 I don't know if I like this stuff you call work....

My work is never done, always have to check out the gourds and make sure they are on the correct pallets!!!

I tried to get me some help to watch over the gourds and all HE wants to do is play, just look at him, playing with a toy!!

One thing I know is my Mom has a job getting all of these gourds out ot the fields and seperated onto the pallets..this is tiring work..

I think it is about time for me to go and take a nap..let me see if I can find that truck and get in it..Come back to Visit us!!!!!

The Bug